Cape Of Wealth

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Loot Kid
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Loot Kid

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A gold cape in the same style as the skill capes, with a gold symbol on the back and a gold amount underneath.

You buy the cape from King Roald III for 1m gp.

You can use gold and platinum tokens on the cape in multiples of 1m to increase the amount displayed on the back.

If you exceed 2,147,483,647gp (2148m) the cape becomes trimmed.

If you die with the cape it is placed in your bank.

The cape would allow players to show off their excess wealth and also act a gold dump.

16-Jul-2019 14:27:34

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Think this was suggested in a qna and they were positive to it, but idk what happened to that discussion. Wouldnt mind it tbh.
Better than Hocky

17-Jul-2019 17:54:44

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