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On the reply to the vote on partnerships. I believe you stated the reason you wanted to add partnerships is to help draw new players to OSRS so it can grow. I believe this is false. I had taken years I believe to add f2p one vital component to drawing new players. If you wanted OSRS to grow you would have given OSRS equal login off the home page right next to rs3 sign in. Like where you have you add currently. Instead of hiding in a small box on the bottom left/ While having a nice bright yellow ( Sign in to Play ) on the top right.

Also I think it would be good to have a higher requirement to vote in polls to prevent abuse like so.

2 years or older account to vote
1000 to 1500 min total level to vote
100 150 quest points min to vote
current membership active to vote

I think it would have to have multiple requirements as skills, quest points to prevent bots and/or rich player able buy a bonds to get more then one vote on a single poll. While the requirements on age of the account wont have a massive influx of new people not knowing what they are voting for change and ruin the game.

25-Jul-2019 19:30:06



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All 4 should be added to prevent abuse in these polls.

Also sorry I left this out I meant to add this.

If you wish OSRS to grow you need to become more aggressive on crime. Such as permeant bans/mutes for gambling host , well know scams like doubles, 10%, the old quitting osrs the easy ones to tell the youtube one. Also web sites.. No one enjoys being spammed to death. This all so includes begging maybe not as strict but as the one above but more strict then it is currently.

Possible banning of mains for alt actions on some the major offences.

RWT for gold site should be prement mute/ban first offence.
Hosting bot, Doublers, 10%, etc major scammers that are easy to tell give maybe 3 chance first offence 3 day mute 2nd offence 2 weeks 3rd permeant bane/mute.
Most beggers are scammers or trolls they spam the chats not allowing the community to interact.

I do believe the good folks of OSRS would agree that more punishment is needed to remove these trouble makers. So you jagex can handle the problem with out being over power by thesheer numbers.


25-Jul-2019 19:51:04



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333333333 said:
No support! Vote should be open for everyone!

Now I believe membership is already requirement to vote. So by every one are you saying f2p should be able to vote for what is mostly members only content?

And you like no age or skill requirement so that any one could make 100s or 1000s of accounts if they so wished to swing poll results.

So you think currently the host bot owners that have membership should each have a vote in a poll. One person with hundred or thousands of votes?

26-Jul-2019 18:16:18

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