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Rex Solomon
Aug Member 2019

Rex Solomon

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I would like to propose a new type of "Ironman" mode, which I have thought up. The purpose of this mode is to be a cool way of playing the game for people like me, who miss the old days of trading within RuneScape, and would like to see that dynamic come back to the game.

I know that the majority of scapers would rather have the G.E. than have the nostalgic trade methods come back. And that's O.K. That's why I've come up with a new account mode idea: TraderMan. The name can always be changed. Essentially, the idea is an IronMan style account mode which restricts your account in only one way: You cannot use the Grand Exchange.

It is my belief that if enough people use this mode, they can play the game with a unique experience similar to an IronMan but not nearly as restricted. It will incentivize bank trading and forum trading, and will encourage co-operation on a personal level within the game. Even other non-TraderMen can benefit from trading with TraderMen.

You might ask: "Why do this? People can already just trade in banks can't they?". yes, but they look silly doing so since the G.E. is more "effective". TraderMan mode, like IronMan mode, gives them a reason to stick to the method and also provides a need to do conventional trading.

I believe that this update would not be too complex to implement, and could be very good for the community and for a lot of old school players who love this kind of thing. I've talked about the idea in the ingame chat before and people have been very receptive to it, which is why I decided to post about it in the forums. My request to Jagex: Please do it, it's at least worth a try!

I apologize if this has already been suggested. I don't know how to search for it since I've never heard of it before.

21-Aug-2019 05:05:42

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I have had same kind of idea.

Group ironman, except u are ironman with everyone else who are in Trademan mode.

Id play this so much! I miss the 2013 and Varrock west trading days.
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22-Aug-2019 16:57:00

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What if this was just a setting, so like you could just turn this mode on whenever?

Cuz like here me out, there are times when I'm playing where I wanna buy things from the ge and other times where I'd thought it'd be fun if I couldn't

You'd run into the problem of people just going to trading worlds where ppl would be able to buy just about whatever from whomever buys it for them...

Ok, what if you were able to toggle the setting but like, it lasts a period of time, say a half week...
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27-Aug-2019 05:40:48

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