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GP FarmerDun

GP FarmerDun

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Mate, you're the only one desperately trying to lie hoping anyone believes you. What? Did you run out of arguments already (not that any were logical anyways)? Besides, you've spite voted PKers in the past and then lied saying it wasn't spite. I just made a satire of your bullshit claims to show you how ridiculous you sound.

Also, we still have the old combat system and outdated graphics. RuneScape is still unique. They lost people, because they neglected PKers. PKers are the only ones who've ever mattered throughout the history of this game. Unlike skillers, PKers have the balls to stand on their own two feet and will leave if being treated like shit.

No one wants a risk-free WoW PvE server ripoff. That's why no emphasis is ever placed on skilling and why warding will never be forced in like PvP armors and weapons.
Botting profits are now under control thanks to revs and Raids. :)

20-Oct-2019 17:18:42

cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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Everything I have said is believable. I may be wrong on one or two things, but you are wrong on 100% of the fake facts you give. No one believes there were more pkers than total players. Stop being a entitled snowflake. If you want something in game, earn it rather than demand it be given to you.

21-Oct-2019 00:15:22

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