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Applejuiceaj said:
This was polled and failed.

The polled concept of Lootshare was addressed in 3 Developer blogs:

Dev Blog: Lootshare
Dev Blog: Lootshare 2
Dev Blog: LootShare

They then polled things twice - Once with Shardshare, and once as just Lootshare. Both did not pass their poll (results below)

See the first 2 questions here: Poll #1

See the first 2 questions here: Poll #2

For the second poll, the question failed at 74.0% (when you take into account the split between yes and no and exclude the skip question votes), so while it was close, it didn't pass. It was not polled further since those polls in 2016.

Guess this isn't happening then.
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21-Aug-2019 00:48:23

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