Survive Weather In Wilderness

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GroovyAce said:
Design weather conditions that slowly drains players stats while in the wilderness
Skilling is required to survive

Let me be the first to SUPPORT this outstanding idea! =)
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24-Sep-2019 01:37:51

FaTaL MoRaLs
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FaTaL MoRaLs

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Pretty cool idea but maybe instead of lowering stats maybe like players can do more damage against someone who was in winter weather too long from their body turning fragile from such cold weather like to resemble the loss of coordination to defend themselves like how frost bite is in real life. And have heat loosen up players' armour and weapons like it develops into being softer metal from being in such heat for too long, making players do less damage to others as well as get hit more accurately than regularly with the armour they have.
And then maybe they could even make weapons that are specialized in such conditions like they can either have some kind of advantage in that situation even if it was just a special attack that can only happen in certain climate and not in regular weather. Or maybe they could just stay the same bonused weapons through the temperatures the same as in regular conditions.

24-Sep-2019 04:15:57

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