Gauntlet and Zalcano sug.

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Hello :)

Gauntlet suggestions:

- way way to many supplies is needed for gear inside, for like max gear you need 18x ores, bark, linum to make helm, legs, platebody= total 54! 54 are you guys kidding?.....
Shuld be like:

Tier 1: only shards reqs.
Tier 2: 1 ore/bark/linum per armour part.
Tier 3: 2 ores/barks/linums per armour part.

- rewards are very bad, soon dead content..for 5-12 mins kills you gain like 50k drops??


- he hits kinda high and rewards are good only for 2-3 ppl inside, others gain bad drops or none..
- many times you mine only 2-3 ores and he already destroy the mining spot, way to fast, special if you are on wrong side of Zalcano (mining positions are random), is hard to get in time to the ore spot.

Prosonly cc
= our clan ingame cc

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