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Since I started playing and wondering why F2p is so unbalanced. For 16 years magic is useless. Entangles are a great first step, teleblock too. but hitting 16's with fireblast vs 30+ rune scimmies is retarded, since mages are supposed to counter melee.

Give ranged rune arrows (deadcontent in p2p) and yew shortbows.
Give magic firewave and items to increase max hit to around 30 (50%). Make the item only obtainable in P2p or this P2p community will cry obviously.

It amazes me how conservative the developing team and playerbase of this game is that they don't want to FIX the combat triangle system in F2p. Higher levels/wars are not possible in F2p.

I've always supported making the F2p game more appealable, so that more new players will start playing Runescape, because otherwise this game will become RS3 with only maxed players in BIS gear. It will die soon then.

13-Sep-2019 15:59:24

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There is so much lower level gear that could become F2P, giving those items to F2P would give them a purpose and a use finally. It'd make F2P more interesting, more options, new max hits by about 2 or 3, I see nothing wrong with that. Many P2P players PK in F2P because it's cheap fun. F2P really is where we all started and learned from. That part of the game is important to pay attention to, it does need updates every so often so it keeps the new players interested so they do eventually upgrade to P2P.

13-Sep-2019 18:43:46



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When did rune scimitars hit 30s? 25 was max with pot + prayer or 27 with additional of rune berserker shield + rune gauntlets in the old time!

Also Magic is a combat skill that is strong in low level but weaker in high level of a damage cap of 16!
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