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Remove them from the game or discontinue. There is no purpose for them otherwise.

At least run a poll for it

Would you like tradeable rare items to only be available for a limited period after their introduction?
Yes 64.2% (22289 votes)
No 35.9% (12469 votes)

What happened?

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cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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What happened is that people knew that the way they were in rs3, their only use was for traders to make huge amounts of money. The purpose of them was suppose to be for people to have fun. The way they are now, they are enjoyable by everyone, not a tiny few that runs the price up to billions of gps.

Other than to have fun, I cant image what you use you would think they should have.
Stop being a entitled snowflake. If you want something in game, earn it rather than demand it be given to you.

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