BOSS: Ambgeris, The Jaded

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I think, of everyone on the OSRS suggestion forums (or, at least, of those who propose larger ideas, rather than small tweaks and changes), you are the only person who's ideas are consistently good. In short, of everyone on the forums, I respect your creativity the most.

Of the boss, I like the idea of a wandering boss.

I think the freezing and the area attacks would be difficult to manage together in a way that seems fair. In effect, taking 75 damage because you got unlucky and frozen would be very annoying, since there's not much you can do about the freezing.

I think it would be reasonable to work in some sort of counterplay, which could help increase the complexity of the boss (which would allow more skilled players to kill the boss more effectively) without necessarily increasing the difficulty too much from what you have listed here.

I could think of multiple ways that could work, if you want my ideas.

Her most interesting mechanic is the circling orb. Does it circle close enough that a player could use, say, ancients or chinchompas to hit the orb and the boss together?

This makes me think that there could be an interesting boss who used a mechanic like that more heavily - so the player is looking around the boss for the the ideal space to attack... But that's a bit of an aside.

Of the rewards, I like the Faith prayer the most. Not so sure on the rest. The sword, in particular, seems very overpowered. Puts Veracs to shame, and that requires an entire armor set. If anything needs to be nerfed, it's that weapon.

Besides that, I like Consecration except for the prayer healing effect. I think Faith is good for the prayer heal, Consecration improving prayer prayer potions... I don't like it. Plus, how it works makes it way too susceptible to flashing.

Here's a thought: Maybe instead of just increasing the amount healed at once, the prayer would add a heal-over-time when you eat. Then that avoids the flash-eat abuse.

17-Dec-2018 19:54:07

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