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Part 1

Dear Community
Dear Jagex

Being highly involved in PVP and PVM, solely using ranged and magic, I would like to share some of my thoughts today, about a problem with the balance in combat triangle.

The bottom line is, Melee is simply exceedingly powerful, compared with ranged and magic.

As I said, Ranged and Magic being inferior in PVP as well as PVM, I would like to draw attention to two significant aspects: DPS and Special Attacks.
In terms of DPS: I do realise, that updates like the Toxic Blowpipe and Toxic Trident have given rangers and magers items capable of dealing very high DPS against monsters,
however, this is only a consolation for the fact, that at the core of the mechanics, Ranged and Magic is inferior. Without a Blowpipe or a trident, DPS will be very low (!) in comparison,
while even the basic melee weapons can deal extremely high and consistent dps. (Whip, Dscim)
In PVP situations, a player in maxed gear and rapier, can deal up to 50s at rapid speed(!), while the maximum damage with the best pvp weapon (Armadyl Crossbow) can hit 43s (with rune), 44s (with dragon bolts) at SLOWER speed. (While also spending 2k per bolt) A slightly higher accuracy makes barely a difference about the fact that melee does far(!) more damage.

The second aspect would be the special attacks, melee special attacks having extreme power. I would like to draw particular attention to the Bandos godsword. If we compare the Bandos Godsword to the Heavy Ballista as best Ranging Special Attack Weapon (Yes, the dark bow is theoretically capable of dealing very high damage, however, it is extremely slow and unreliable)

Without Void, The ballista can hit up to 66, compared to the low 70s of the bandos godsword, which is somewhat comparable, so far so good. Additionally you get 2 subsequent BGS Special Attacks in a row, as well as reducing the defence level of the target by 1:1 of the hit - that is ridiculous against players!!

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Part 2

If in combat, one gets hit atleast a 30 by a BGS, the fight is basically lost already. On low defence, the second special attack is very likely to hit aswell, in most situations one will be finished in 2-4 quick hits.

- Introduction of Super Ranging/Super Magic Potions
- Take a look at Ranged/Magic Special Attacks. Something like a defence reduction tweak for the Ballista? Or reduce special attack energy to 50%?
- Small changes, that would already help balancing would be i.e. the removal of speed reduction on "Accurate" and "Long Ranged" (in melee, using the highest damage style "Aggressive" does not reduce speed either) Noone in the game
even uses "Accurate" in order to deal 1 higher damage, and noone uses "Long Ranged" either, which is a shame. Players should not be punished with a slower speed, should they wish to train defence with Ranged.
- Particularly @BGS: REDUCE special attack energy used to 100%. 50% is way too strong.

These are only some of the details that come to my head, please consider rebalancing atleast by taking a look at the smaller points.

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FaTaL MoRaLs
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FaTaL MoRaLs

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update:rng skil b pointles4 mains, but at least this will give it a bump.I was thinking maybe have a stat that determines rng, a separate skill to combat.I mean the skill would not have you hit more accurately like in ranged/maged/attack, but the skill would make you hit higher damages more often instead of simple little attacks being the numbers that you hit.I mean that your rng would accumulate itself by hitting 0s until the next attacks where you do damage, in them being higher amounts of damage all at once as well.It might actually be a big improvement to pk because pretty much everyone has figured out how to pk on certain accounts.Plus it's lame as well they don't even have to be good they just know how to make on their account in order to be successful.This could actually build a whole revolution of pking where people can't be cheap and simply just not risk nothing like the kids everyone who's good gets pissed at when they just flip you a certain move with no skill to it at all and stack 90 damage because they could click on their flipping weapon and spec fast enough because of pointless ass hot keys SINCE, YES, SINCE, THEY DID PLAN A VENGEANCE INTO THE MOMENT BEFOE DA ATTACK N THATS Y THEY SPECCED,and then when you don't die don't worry while you are pking against them, they will simply eat the whole would people not get mad at that it's like they are being a skiller while they pk.Of course, like other combat stats, this would change their combat level.It could be some kind of huge pking expansion to the dimensions of pk in all the things that could happen, but I have no idea how the outcome would be.Player's damage ability would be spread out amongst combat levels, some would hit at max lower damages but have their times when they do damage be higher amounts of damage on the regular of when damage would be done with this new skill,and then others without training their rng skil would have higher amounts of damage that are possible atsame cblvl.

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