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The SOLUTION for pvpers and pvmers!
Best of both worlds.

Players say that pvp is dead or is dying slowly, its kinda true, pvmers get most of the updates throughout the polling system. Fair enough, but why is pvp dying? Its simple, not enough of diversity, what i mean by that is nowadays you create some type of pking build exemple... pures,zerkers or piety pures. Thats all you see in pvp or bounty hunter worlds,it gets boring always fighting the same builds. We need diversity, reasons to level up some stats. There is no reason or advantage to make initiate pure, or 30 def build,tanks or no where near what they used to be... now for the butthurt pvmers that dislike any pvp updates, why not make a area made for pvp (bounty hunter crates).
Back in the days BHC were strictly a pvp area so there would be no reason for pvmers to get pked, a system like the bounty hunter crates would just be something that binds both worlds. Now for the crates, levels 70s are tired of getting bullied by mains the diversity of crates level would encourage players to fight in their range of level. Exemple crates range for lvl 3-55, lvl 50-80, lvl 75-105 and finaly level 100 to 126.

I hope this message get heard out
Been in the pk community since 2005

12-Oct-2019 02:42:39



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IGP FarmerDun said:
cooke fletch said:
Pkers don't need to win in the polls. If they want something, it is forced in against the vote as "integrity", no matter how much it harms the game.

People have always said pking was dying and yet it never happened. Most of the time, their solution is to try to force more skillers into the wild so they have easy kills and tons of easy money. Some how they are always surprised when it always fails to do so.

It only fails, because everything outside of the wilderness is so overpowered. They just need to delete the nonwilderness at this point.
i disagree with this if you're going to remove more things you just gonna make the pk community angry and lose players

13-Oct-2019 06:05:04

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