Reliability in Barrows Drops

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Ferd V Aegir

Ferd V Aegir

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This might be deemed as easy-scape, but hear me out.

Barrows on Ironman Mode can be extremely tedious, especially if you don't get lucky (I'm looking at you, Ahrim's Robetop). During my 1100th chest, I was thinking; what could be a system that would benefit Ironmen without being too easy, but doesn't affect the market. This is what I came up with:

You pay a large amount of money (1m-5m) to an NPC (could be a ghost relating to the brothers or even the gravekeeper), and you would essentially prevent duplicates until you get all 24 pieces. It would still be a big grind, but at least this way there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. With this being said, regular accounts wouldn't be able to profit from this feature, making the Barrows market stay in place.

Barrows is a very dated minigame and the equipment isn't end-game gear anymore. There is so much new, beautiful content in the game, and it makes me sad to see people grind for weeks on end at Barrows and losing hope.

-DH Hacked

12-Aug-2019 23:24:59



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Lol no. If you can't deal with the difficulty of ironman, play normal mode. Why should people that enjoy the ironman grind have it watered down just to cater to people who want nothing more than a helmet next to their username?

14-Aug-2019 12:35:13



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Tbh I don't give a shit about this and would normally support this just for people like you, but I can DEFINITELY see how other ironmen past this grind would be upset. voting no to any new polled skill :)

14-Aug-2019 21:57:46

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