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Wine making in rs is a popular way to train cooking and a great way to heal hp for pures and for training activities and non melee fighters , However in rs you can only currently make wine from grapes, I want to give players more options for new wine types that would give players at low and high levels of cooking more chances to try out wine making and expand wine types and give different player types more choices

Irl wine can and is made from more than just grapes, I also aim to give some cooking items with limited use more usage for cooking

The hp healed and effects are just to give an idea, jagex can change it later, also the cooking levels are just suggestions

For items that are harder to get, they generally would have better effects

Tomato or potato wine f2p- (Yes this actually exists irl) f2p- heals 5 hp, lowers attack by 1, earliest wine available to be made, could be made in 1-10 cooking, uses tomatoes or potatoes to make

Redberry wine f2p - heals 8 hp, lower attack by 1, can be made earlier then grape wine, 8-20 cooking

Apple wine f2p (yes this is real and is different from cider)-heals the same as grape wine and has the same cooking level requirements, lowers attack

Dwellberry wine p2p- a delightful blue wine, heals 5hp, cures disease, has a 40% chance of curing poison but doesn’t provide immunity or lower attack, higher level then grape wine 30-40 cooking

Banana wine f2p, made from sliced bananas, these would be more difficult to make then grape wine and would heal 14 hp but lower attack by 3, fairly high cooking requirements 40-55 cooking

White fruit wine p2p- made from white tree fruit, untradeable, heals 6 hp, restores 20-35 run energy , lowers attack by 2, 50-65 cooking, requires garden of tranquility to be completed to make

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bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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Citrus wine p2p - made from either lemons, oranges or limes, any of these 3 could be used to make citrus wine, this heals 18 hp, lowers attack by 3, 65-75 cooking, alternatively just call it orange wine and have it use oranges

Pineapple wine p2p- highest requirement for all regular wines, heals 22 hp and 5 run energy but doesn’t lower attack, would be in 90s cooking level to balance

Dragonfruit wine p2p- high requirements, heals 16 hp, lowers attack by 3 but gives the same effects as antifire potion for 2 minutes, ideal for rangers and mages

I also proposed these wines so players have more food options besides just fishing for better healing, these wines give the suggested items new uses ingame and expand wine making

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pineapples are super easy to obtain and you want them to heal 22 with a jug of water?


I wouldn't mind more drink options, but many of these seem overpowered or absolutely useless. I didn't see a single suggestion I actually liked from here. If we are to add more beverages, make them meaninful. Adding things for the sake of adding things is not how you progress a MMO.
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