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Hello there, SAME UIM here.
I have a question regarding the Rune Platebody (in OSRS) and not sure if I may post it here or not?
Is there a way that we are able to make the Rune Platebody a non quest item?
I'm an uim and Defence Tank (DEF only, no HP) it is hard for me to obtain a rune platebody needing to do quests. Thus though if I can't obtain one (with out buying one from the GE, but instead only from the Champs Guild), I am not able to wear one with out having complete the Dragon Slayer quest ( plus other quests to complete it). As a Defence Pure, I can not participate in combat fights, or raise other CB skills.
If I may, make a suggestion to remove the Rune Platebody as a quest only item, to a generic platebody armor with only 40 Defence as its only requirement (with no Quest completion requirement)? :| :@ O_o

06-Sep-2019 09:43:54

irl pker dib
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Notcool97 said:
Only if they add an inferno cape that I can acquire without dong the inferno to cater to my lazymanmode playstyle.

Support. Do the same for diary capes for those who cba to git gud and L2skill/quest.
If slayer is a skill, then I guess these slayer drop tables catered to skillers by pumping out so many resources. :)

06-Sep-2019 14:55:00

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