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Loot Kid
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Loot Kid

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A timer to let you know how long it will take to get your next level.

When you set the timer you choose how long to calculate, so if you choose 30 minitues it would calculate how much xp you got in 30 minutes and set the countdown timer after that point by knowing your xp per hour rate.

After you have got your level the timer could then tell you how long for your next level and start a new timer if you want it too, or save your xp per hour calculation to use again another time, with the option to recalculate it again if you want.

If your working on a level that is going to take a long time and you decide to take a break the timer can be paused.

16-Jul-2019 14:15:19

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Unofficial clients have this, and I think they want to add this to the official but I dont think thats a priority right now
Better than Hocky

18-Jul-2019 14:00:03

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