Warding integrity fix

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Smart Frog

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cooke fletch said:
Iron Robsham said:
cooke fletch said:
weston btw said:
Why? So us PvMers have to train another redundant skill just to PvM in our max capes? Good luck passing that by us.
That's why combat pures spite vote everything real skillers need. You have no concern what is good for the game at all, only what is good for your tiny corner of the game.

I have zero doubt when the game dies you will blame the non combat pures.
I've asked you this like 5 times, but wtf is a combat pure? If a combat pure can have a max cape it clearly isn't someone that only does combat??
I find it hilarious that when I talk about combat pures, you pull up someone that is a true skills and say that its the same thing.

Anything a "true skiller" can do, a bot can do better.

26-Jul-2019 08:21:11

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