Make All Crossbows 2 Handed.

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That's a pretty drastic suggestion that certainly would impact how a lot of content is played.

Each combat style has different types of weapons - different attack speeds, different 'attack types' (slash vs stab for example), and one handed vs two handed. With this suggestion, you are effectively wishing to change the combat style of ranged to almost entirely '2 handed weapons only' - and that's a huge change.

The crossbow has its primary advantage in being a strong weapon that can be wielded with a shield - the only other ranged weapons that allow that would be darts or knives, which don't necessarily do as much damage on their own. There are already other incentives to use the other weapons at times - in more endgame scenarios, items like the blowpipe are regular go-to weapons. But there are times that it makes sense to use ranged with a shield, such as dragons or wyverns, or slayer monsters that require a mirror shield, such as cockatrice or basilisks, and this suggestion attempts to take away that ability.

I can't support this suggestion at all, sorry - it would have too much of an impact on the game, and part of the reason that Old School came to be was due to the changes in Combat back in late 2012 - I can't see fundamentally changing how the Ranged skill works being well received.

28-Sep-2019 02:29:51



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Kegs said:
Applejuiceaj said:

Sorry to hear you enjoy easy-scape.

Kegs, I'm not quite certain you understand the way that I play Old School - I'd personally say I play as far away from easy-scape as one can get.

My comments are not concerning only 'endgame content' - I'm not at that point in-game anyway - I'm talking about all RuneScape content. The crossbow has been a 1 handed weapon since, well, as long as I can remember. When Old School came out in 2013 (as its re-release from 2007), the crossbow was a 1 handed weapon.

As an example, much of my current ranged experience came from training slayer. There were some tasks that I often did using ranged because I could safespot them. One of those tasks was blue dragons in Tavelrey dungeon, and I would do that task with a rune crossbow, however, I always made sure to bring an anti-dragon shield just in case I ran out too far when trying to target another dragon. If this were to be changed, I'd be much more likely to take accidental damage, even with an antifire potion.

All weapons in the game have a niche - it just seems wrong to take one's niche away entirely, and that is effectively what you are doing here. Its a major change to all parts of the game, impacting content both old and new.

28-Sep-2019 03:13:27

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