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Since OSRS is a worldwide game, this can raise quite a couple of issues. The biggest issue is that not everyone speaks English yet they're expected to understand the language. From daily gameplay to applying to a clan, they're being expected to speak a language that they can struggle with at times. Most clans have a rule where they're only allowed to speak in English in the clan chat.

An acceptance event for this would raise awareness on the matter. This is essential, because immigrants often face countless other struggles and difficulties in their personal lives such as how they're in a separate country working for below the legal minimum wage just so their children could have a chance at a brighter future that they could never achieve in their home countries.

We need to be considerate towards people suffering through such trauma so that they at least feel accepted on this online game. Furthermore, Jagex should also offer players to play the game in other commonly spoken languages such as Spanish. Latin American servers would also help the cause.
Draft dodger btw. Too scared to attack an enemy that tried to harm my loved ones so "I only learned to defend". Typical boomer born right after the era where my parents suffered the solitude of WWII, deprivation of the Great Depression while I never had to suffer jack or risk a thing. :)

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Support! To commemorate this event I think jagex should make all NPCs speak Spanish, to help us english speaking players understand what it feels like to play a game where everything is not in your first language.

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All of these "event" suggestions are now closed.

It is clear that despite many requests from several moderators that posts be on the topic of the event, these threads are still being used to bring up real life political disagreements, as well as to down, flame and bait other players. None of which is welcome on the forums.

Do not post any more of these types event suggestions around real world issues.

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