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Straight pride acceptance event

I just read a thread about the gay pride acceptances event. And I thought to my self. Hey would it not be great if we had a Straight pride acceptance event!!

With gay pride acceptances events, elves with gay husbands, non-binary-pronouns such as 'they' instead of 'he' or 'she'. That are used in song of the elves quest.

So I thought to my self. Would it not be great to show some love for our straight brothers and sisters.

Who are more likely to have kids to play runescape.

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I sense a bit of resistance to my proposal.

I do hope it has nothing to do with heterosexual phobia in this day and age.

I mean why should we not have events for acceptance of sexual preferences or even dating?

Next id bet you'll be telling me. Sexual preferences does not matters and we should all go fight dragons, skill together and enjoy the game.

I mean it could just be a event it wont effect the game its self so what's the harm.

16-Aug-2019 16:53:44



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Because there's no need for it. Straight people haven't suffered any form of toxicity on this online game. If you're going to try to flame someone for leeching Raids, please make sure that the rumor is true and that you aren't one of those nubnubs with 1 CoX KC that you leeched for diaries and no one wanted to even give you the resource loot for.

16-Aug-2019 17:15:55

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I've locked this as last time something like this was made it was such a mess that several people had to be muted.

We do not need these sort of threads.

If you have issues with other threads or events you can simply ignore them and move on. You do not have to take part in them.

Please do not remake this thread.

To make sure I locked this for the right reason i've handed my self into Jagex for review. I would hate to think I'm being homophobic or sexist in locking this thread when the other thread is still active.

Please remember this is just a game we all play and enjoy.
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What do you call a bee that can't make up its mind? A maybe :P

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