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Lores & Histories are back, with a new home on the website and a new story - gleaned from source documents found in Guthix's resting place.

This was a personal project for Mod Michelle and myself, and we'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Do you enjoy stories like these? How do you find the format? Would you like to see more?

Please note that these stories are written in personal-projects time, and do not impact upon the release of in-game content.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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Fantastic, thanks!

I personally love Lores & Histories, almost as much as postbags. They allow for more in-depth characterisation and description, arguably moreso than a quest could provide. Prequel L&Hs to quest series, for instance, are grand, e.g. The Chasm of Lights. It'd be very interesting to see one on Grayzag's void peat research and descent into madness, for instance, or some Myreque member's personal history. :) Or something less exciting but still very interesting, e.g. an account of a Menaphite delivery man as he walks through the districts of the city.

Either way, thanks for the new Lore and I'm hoping to see more!
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It was a very nice read. I loved it.

Although I think there was one mistake, when Zemoregal was talking, he was referred to in the story as Zamorak at one point.

I loved the origin story. Do you think the Balance Elemental will ever get one, he is a very interesting character despite having very little known about him.
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Very excellent! Would love to see more like this. "Ptolemos, the friendly, informative Mahjarrat."
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Texts like these are the kind of thing that helps the world come alive, and I welcome any and all projects that can help provide immersion and assists in worldbuilding. More, please!

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I just finished reading. While initially a little lost and wondering 'I wonder how any of this relates to anything...', gradually clues were teased in - slowly. And I loved that. It made the last parts of it so enjoyable to read and satisfying to finally understand.

It counted as an origin story for a couple characters, but Ipcress in Knowing what had happened recently in present day too ...:(

Thank you for the new story. It's been so long since you treated us with one, and it was written nicely, rich with detail.
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