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NotFishing said:
Why isn't Armadyl responsible for the Aviansie?

I'm not sure tbh. Zamorak's troops simply defended themselves in war and Zamorak blew up the continent. Armadyl is the one who locked them into a warzone cage, wouldn't let them leave, and put every single one he could find into a God's battlefield in Forinthry.

NotFishing said:
Why isn't Zaros responsible for the Dragon Riders or Cthonians?

He didn't kill the Dragon Riders, he just lied to them. He was "dead" during the war with the Cthonians--who by the way aren't even close to being extinct.

NotFishing said:
Why isn't Zamorak responsible for the Mahjarrat?

I can't even begin to fathom how you came to this conclusion. Tumeken was the one who killed them. By the time Zamorak was even a God, there were around a dozen or so left. And it's not like he discouraged breeding either, since he had his own son.
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