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I killed Veldaban because he wanted to die. Basically, keeping him alive would not only put the dwarves at risk since he might become a chaos dwarf, but also the grief from watching his wife die might make him go insane. I also killed Lathas because I figured he was pretty dangerous if he could be in league with the Dark Lord and quarantine his own people over a fake plague while making his brother out to be the bad guy.

Zanik I spared out of hope that the Bandosians might be able to better themselves. Grayzag, killed (not tortured) for the same reason as ZamorakZaros. The ogre, I can't remember what I did to him, is there any way of checking?

As for killing the caged citizens, I didn't particularly want to but did it anyway since I had to infiltrate the vampyres and learn as much as I could. Also as you mentioned it was a kindness to put them out of their misery.

But Nomad was a tricky one. In the end I killed him because I wanted to deny Sliske his soul. And I got Icthlarin to finish off Gielinor because I wanted to keep the number of participants in his game to a minimum, and it might make the other gods think twice before attacking him.
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