We did them a favour!

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Kittyphantom said:
I'm supposed to be a good guy; That's why when it comes to quest choices, I always endeavor to do the "right thing". And when it's not immediately apparent what the right thing would be...

Doing the "right thing" does not always mean doing the "good thing" like sparing the people. Personally, I think of myself as a decent guy who'll do the "right thing" but if that means killing a number of people that are locked in vyre jail, waiting to be tortured and sucked from and possibly on their way to becoming vyres, I'll kill them and not lose any sleep. That doesn't make me a bad guy or preclude me from being a good guy. Just means I'm willing to do what I consider necessary to do what's right.

When it comes to Veldaban, Grayzag, and the like, I'd have to be in the particular situation, see all sides of it, explore the dialogue, that sort of thing. One does need to look into each part of it when you can. Not to mention the fact that you need to consider consequences and the possible negatives/drawbacks. Like Veldaban possibly relapsing into Chaos mode or Grayzag getting out of jail to do his thing again. I'll kill Nomad to stop Sliske having one more thing to use to screw with everyone else and Gielinor the construct is a threat to every natural thing. And I'd probably see what sort of day I've been having. If I'm having a bad day, might be more inclined to be harsher. Certainly willing to admit my emotions would play into it. And to admit I tend to believe everyone's done something to warrant some form of punishment. Maybe not death but something. No matter how 'innocent' or 'good' they are, no one's perfect and have each done something. I will admit this is my personal opinion but, for me, it makes sense.

In short, I'd say we did those people a favor and stopped the vyres from having a source of blood and entertainment or additions to their numbers. Close enough to a win-win in my book.

21-Oct-2016 23:45:10

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