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I was watching a stream the other night when Mod Osbourne mentioned that may be things like Tales of the Arc should make the quest list. Even if just so people can find out they even exist. I think he has a very good point, though may be it is not thinking far enough ahead.

Tales of the Arc is definitely a good sized quest, when taken altogether. Though the requirements would horrify the average Quest Caper if it was added as a proper quest. It would have a fair list of required 90+ skills needed for it after all!

But it would still need to be listed, as I say YES it is a quest. It just comes in parts and has high requirements. Though the quest cape suddenly jumping from 80 to 90 Slayer....oh I can hear the rage echoing from alternate timelines with very little difficulty. Though that could be the dishes piled in the sink:P

The question is, what to do?

Should it be listed but not have points, say in a Tales category, separate from the rest? Just to be seen but not require?

Should it just be listed as a quest and weather the riot on 60 spam?

Or should it get its own category and its own points listing? Along with all those other Minis.

Other ideas?
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I feel like the high requirements are probably the main reason it was NOT treated as a full quest. Especially with the Tales from Batch 2, with unique models, environments, mechanics, combat encounters - this is easily a master level quest, and a pretty good one at that.

The whole quest interface needs a major overhaul - clearer delineation of 5th/6th Ages, different storylines, narrative links, and probably a separate section for miniquests.

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Oh, and on topic, yes, I think mini-quests (Witch's Potion, Sheep Shearer, Purple Cat) and Tales (Nomad, The Heart, The Arc) should all occupy their own spot in the quest list like how Holiday events get their own special section.

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Honestly I think Tales of the Arc should have just been two standard quests, with Impressing the Locals - Jed Hunter forming the first quest, and Eye for an Eye - Final Destination forming the second. Very little would need to be different, the only reason the requirements are so high is because they aren't quests.

But Jagex are afraid to market anything that isn't the next While Guthix Sleeps as a quest nowadays, even if they are as big or bigger than what we used to get back in the day. Even the so called "bottle quests" we got last year were way too big in scope to be considered such.

Tales of the God Wars also could have been a quest if minor changes were made to the structure, such as having to talk to NPCs in each area. Or even changes like making you fight the hard mode K'ril Tsutsaroth before he tells you about the Furies, or change the Vindicta one so an elite Mature grotworm spawns after you kill the various grotworms, which drops a special item you get the memory from. And Tale of the Muspah could be made a requirement and The Curator could be replaced with Ali the Wise so the plot about finding random memories makes a bit more sense
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Idk how to explain it...

For us who keep up with the lores and plot..we have no problem nor confusion when come to runescape lore and the new stuff. Some of my buddies still doesn't know that Guthix died and have no idea about the World Events. Why Battle Of lumby, Bird and the best, and Tuska happens while they played it.

I think Jagex should first re-organize quests, put requirements as players MUST finish that/these/this quest before they can start on that other quest like the old days or soemthing..instead of quest like....errr...World Wake if now..any member who hasn't done much of the main quest storyline....can just walk in and start playing World Wake Quest. After that they can back track and play the other quests to fully unlock World Wake rewards.

If I was Jagex..on the list that World Wake has. The "Suggest Requirement" list right now. Instead of "suggest" I would make them as "MUST BE COMPLETED" to start World Wakes. And I would also spent some time and back track to list all the per-squeal quests and list them in order.

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