HoG the Latest Elder Artefact?

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Blaze Deku
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Blaze Deku

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I speculate that the Heart of Gielinor is one of the previously unknown Elder Artefacts currently on Gielinor.

Now, before you bash this theory, please look at the evidence I have gathered in support of this hypothesis:

-Mod Osborne has stated that one of the Elder Artefacts is located in the Kharidian Desert, where the Heart of Gielinor is currently located.

-There has been evidence of Elder Artefacts that are to massive to be worn or wielded (e.g. the Elder Kiln/The Kiln).

-The Heart of Gielinor has been referred to as "The Heart," fitting the nomenclature of the other Elder Artefacts, (The Siphon, The Catalyst, The Blade, etc)

-There has been no evidence that points to it being a creation of the young gods or mortal races (e.g. Guthix creating the World Gate, the Aviansies creating the Godsword).

-Telos the Warden, who guards the Heart of Gielinor, was put there by the Elder Gods as a failsafe, which we have seen done with the Stone of Jas/The Catalyst with the Dragonkin, which could signify its importance to the Elder Golds.

-As a massive source of Anima Mundi, it could have played a huge role in the creation of Gielinor.

-It is in close proximity to a possibly resting place of Jas at the cliffs of Ullek, much like the Elder Kiln is close to the possible resting place of Ful at the Karajama Volcano.

Let me know your thoughts on this.
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Personally I think not. I think the heart is just the prime source of the planets Anima, and the tunnels feed it into the Elder Eggs.

The main feeding chamber if you like.

I'm not sure what the Artefact is, but if we're ever going to find out, Menaphos should be the place.
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The elder artifacts are the tools the elders used to form planes. The Heart appears less like something used to make a plane and more like something made on plane. Ergo, not an elder artifact.

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Guthix's butterflies. One of Guthix memories. He said he found a Stone and a Horn. We all know about the Stone. It is the Stone of Jas.

What we don't know is the Horn. All we know is that Sea Singer Quinn got her hands on a Horn, which she use to control sea monsters and declare war on the Khans. She was later killed as player complete the storyline with the Assassin, Whaler and Occultist. And it was unknown how this Horn end up in the Eastern Land in the first place. After that there was no more talk about this horn. And the Eastern Land has their own barrier which protect them from other Gods and their own anima.

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Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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I think the closest possibility is that perhaps an Elder artefact was used in it's creation. The Elder artefacts are all meant to have some use for the Elders and it's hard to think of a more important need for the elders than creating "the main feeding chamber" for their eggs. Maybe the kharidian artefact will be something that can focus the anima of a planet into a specific location like the heart? "The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

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It may be in the Elder's design plans, but you also have to remember that the Elder's plan on enough energy being here to power multiple hungry Elder Gods for a long time to come. That means, in theory, that Gielinor is has more power than the Elder Gods. That doesn't mean they know what to do with it, but in it's current infancy it can stumble across things.

That Heart maybe a workshop of sorts, a tool at the very least, and Telos a Guardian.
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