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I think there is room on naming something.

In English, we call something "a rock". What is it called in other languages?

In metals, we have Iron. The Greek name for it is Ferrum. In fact, the Periodic Table uses Fe as the symbol instead. But, we know from history that most regions in the world started smithing Iron between 2000 and 500 BCE, some even before that.

We know there are varying qualities of Iron. Even the process you use to process it can effect it's quality. The game takes a crude approach to it (50-85% chance for success rate).
They take it a step further with the Steel process.
(scary how a video game can give you Metallurgy 101)

You have 2 options on how to treat it:
1) Orichalcum is the Dragonkin name, but everyone else used "Dragon".
Much the same way, most of the world uses "Iron" over "Ferrum" in the general description.
It could be something as simple as the way a Dragonkin pronounces Orichalcum that is difficult for any non-reptilian species to get right.

2) True Orichalcum is a rare variant of the ore.
Do you use U235 or U238 when trying to make a nuclear fission device?
You can do wonderful things with Tritium.
Even in game, we have Perfect Gold Ore, or High Quality Copper and Tin.

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Mod Jack said:
To reiterate, Orichalcum is the metal used by the dragonkin to make what is referred to as "Dragon" equipment. In the current vision of post-rework smithing, the player can mine and smelt the same metal, but the gear that they make won't be quite as advanced because they lack the secret, ancient techniques of the dragonkin.

One proposed mechanic actually uses melted down dragon items as a resource, for which orichalcum wouldn't be an acceptable substitute, which suggests that dragon equipment is still uniquely useful even at an alloy level.

Personally, this approach to the smithing of t60 metal sounds like the most fitting one to me, because if we go the route that Dragon is a greater version of Orikalkum rather than equal of Orikalkum, we could avoid never being able to smith true orikalkum rather than some lesser version like kathalk or orikalk or whatever name could be given to t60 ore, which would be a shame, given that orikalkum is a staple fantasy metal and not being able to work with it would be disappointing, to say the least.

To be more clear what I mean with all this, Dragon metal should be considered to be Orikalkum in the same way Damascus steel is considered to be Steel: they're made of the same substance, but forged in such ways that they become stronger than the regular metal from which it's made out of.

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