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Welcome to Headcanon Haven, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

In the lore forum we tend to base threads around already existing knowledge, but there's only so much out there. The sixth age still has massive unwritten stories that could be used to flesh out characters. We've already seen Guthix gain quite a bit of favor from a tragic backstory, and Saradomin gain some serious controversy.

But what of other tales, yet unwritten? What made Bandos the god he is today? Armadyl? Sliske? This is an opportunity to let your creative side flow and write your own lore!

I look forward to seeing what people can come up with. If you need me, I'll be cobbling together the most tragic, sympathetic backstory for Bandos you can imagine!

Personal Recommendations (follow links to full stories)
Lego†Miester said:

Credits for the story go to Darion Drayk
Brassica Prime was born in a world far from Gielenor on a plane inhabited solely by cabbages.

Lego†Miester said:
Those that refuse to fly along the path graciously set before them, shall not fly at all.
(rather than link all 3 versions, I'll just mention Solanumtinkr and Cybernet377's are on the same page, and are probably better than mine.)
Eren†Lapucet said:

"Here are my demands!" shouted Hans, "I will release Azzanadra.. but first.. I must devour Zaros' soul!"

Cybernet377 said:

"Milord, help! A warrior has entered the tower and is destroying the firing mechanism of the Divine Focus!" His Head Diviner shouted, clearly panicked.

Half†Centaur said:
Kolíno took a deep breath as he stretched out his wings, for what seemed like the first time in eons. His black feathers covered the sun, drawing all the warmth of this world to him.

Headcanon Haven, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.
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De Ja Vu. I think I remember you writing a sympathetic backstory for Bandos once, or was that someone else? Someone wrote one, anyway. :P You can only fully appreciate a story when you experience it through the eyes of one of its characters.

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^-- Indeed I did, and I managed to dig it up!

My first years growing up in the Trashgash orc tribe of Yu'biusk were terrible. I was the weakest among them, and was constantly picked on. One day a blue creature radiating power came to our people. He wielded a glowing mace and commanded our people to fight for him for a brighter future. He said he would make them strong warriors in his armies. My fellow orcs were terrified of him, and that terror fascinated me. If I had that weapon, I could be like him, making others bow by my presence, and fighting in the great wars of the gods! I vowed to relieve him of his mace.

Saradomin came here through a portal and built a great city around it. What he did not realize was my cave home was under that city. I crept through a secret passage and found the mace in Saradomin's chambers. As soon as I touched it, I felt a great power within me. I returned to my people and they began bowing before me, begging for me to destroy Saradomin.

I assembled the locals, down to the weakest goblin tribe. Under the scorching rays of our dozen suns, we fought, and it was glorious. Saradomin was no match for my newfound strength, and I razed his precious city, causing him to flee through the portal. The tribes were united and a great feast was held in the ruins of the palace.

But as the days turned into years, my people turned lethargic. Without war, they stagnated and turned back to their peaceful ways. My mace resonated, and I saw images of distant worlds filled with the rumbles and clashes of war! I brought my armies, we fought, and it was glorious.

But everything changed when the grumpy green giant appeared. He banished me from Gielenor, and halted my greatest war! Without me, my goblins descended into fighting each other, but I had devised a plan. I told them to wait...for my chosen commander.
Headcanon Haven, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.
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A long time ago pre first age, there were two brothers, they were twins named Zar and Os. On their seventeenth birthday something weird happens. Someone appears from the shadows. He says he is a time traveler named Sliske and that he can give them great power. He gives them a crown, the elder crown. He tells them that this crown is extremely powerful and that they should be careful to only use the power when it is necessary. But one day Os decides he wants to try it on, when he puts it on he feels so powerful! He can't let go of this power. Zar wants to use it, but Os will not let go, the crown is too powerful and his, and his alone. The greed has taken over Os. Zar realizes the crown is manipulating his brothers thoughts, he tries to take it by force. But Os is a much better fighter and takes him down. The power is all his. But he needs more. He calls out to Sliske in an attempt to get more powerful items. Sliske tells him of the most powerful artifact of all, the Stone Of Jas. He takes Os on a mission to find this stone. After months of searching they finally find it with his crown. Os runs to it but suddenly the ground shakes. It isn't a stone, it is the hand of a giant. The Elder God, Jas. Sliske smiles and pulls a horn from his pocket. The Elder Horn. He used it, and summoned something from the shadows. Could it be, Zar? Zar also has an artifact, the staff of armadyl. ''Kill him'' shouts Sliske, Zar fires a spell from the staff, and Os stabs the crown into the giants foot. Jas falls to the ground, having been slain by two mortals. Sliske disappears into the shadows. Jas' hand was broken off, in the shape of a stone, the stone was radiating power. Os, still consumed with greed, pushes Zar back and runs to the stone. But Zar trips him before he gets far ahead. they both grab the stone at the same time. They are filled with great power, and they become one. There is no longer Zar and Os. There is Zaros.

Headcanon to how Zaros ascended.

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Naragun said:
I know it's been confirmed Zaros didn't ascend, but I thought i'd repost this here anyway :P

And someone told me that a jmod post somewhere said Bandos didn't actually originate in Yu'biusk. That won't stop our headcanons!

As long as it has at least some basis in existing lore, it's welcome here.

Who's willing to try a Saradomin ascension backstory? Perhaps detailing his childhood in the mystical human realm Camelot's denizens hail from, "Britain".
Headcanon Haven, where everything is made up and the points don't matter.
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Sir Tiffy the Assassin

Sir Tiffy approached the temple, surely he could get somebody to transport the item to Entrana there as some would be attending the ceremony. All he found were Zamorakians inhabiting the temple.

After pondering what to do he decided to wait outside. Somebody must be worried about the temple help would come eventually and he could not inform HQ of his task as his position in the Temple Knights would be at risk and how else was he meant to get his information?

Sir Tiffy was in luck the adventurer he knew well cleared the Temple and then asked him what he needed. This adventurer was a fair smith or so the Temple Knight files claimed and he required another weapon for his task else some may be suspicious so he send the adventurer off to forge him a new weapon.

The adventurer returned with a rather splendid weapon. Presuming the monks had died at the hands of the Zamorakians, Tiffy decided he would send the adventurer to deliver the item to Entrana. The temple knight files informed Tiffy the adventurer had modes of travel unavailable to others. So he sent the adventurer with the item but told him to disguise it.

Using his comm orb to track the item Sir Tiffy awaited until it arrived in the Temple on Entrana. Sir Tiffy teleported using the orb bypassing Entrana security. A few monks stood in his way and were quickly slain at the hands of his new weapon. He grabbed what he came for and teleported.

After stashing the item and donning his usual attire he returned to his bench just in time to see the adventurer arrived. When asked about the incident Tiffy simply informed the adventurer the Temple Knights were looking into it and the adventurer, simple as the Temple Knight files called them, did not question how they already knew of the event which just occurred seconds ago.

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There once was a big, ugly, brute being.
He wasn't too fond of reasoning.
Grey was his blade, and red was his blood.
At the feet of kings he once stood.
Questionable morals was what he was renowned for.
Yet gold and silver couldn't satiate his hungry core.
For a man of his talent and prowess.
Only one prize would do, and no less.

For too long he had lived, violent and alone.
The joy of families was what he scorned.
To feel the warmth of a home, is something he never felt.
Due to this, in bloodshed he revelled.
Worried and paranoid the gods came together.
to devise a plan to kill that horrible devil.
"Impale him with that special blade" said the wisest of eight.
"We can't let all that power go to waste"

And so the eight kings set out to kill the brute.
No longer needing his services, now came the hour of truth.
They found him in a manor, dressed in gold.
But they did not see what was coming, or so it has been told.
The brute had seen them coming and had devised a brilliant plan.
Kill his former employers, man for man.
Then take the holy blade, rumoured to have such strength.
Little did he know, because of this tool he would ascend.

The eight kings circled him, weapons raised.
Yet the brute sat their, not even slightly fazed.
He rised from his seat, a mountain of a man.
That's where one of the kings got scared and ran.
The brute took a spear, and felled the first king.
Yet he had more pain to bring.

Swinging his blade at the ones in front of him.
The blade slid through their harnesses so thin.
It did not take long until there were only two left standing.
The wise king laughed, and the brute started demanding.
"What is it you seek now, one on one?"
"Shut up" the wise king said "you are only a pawn."
The brute said: "You must be mistaken, you're about to get killed!"
"By a senseless mortal? Should I be thrilled?"

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