Portable Summoning Obelisk

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Not sure if this is the right section to post this. So please relocate if necessary. I think it would be nice to have such an item to purchase to do Summoning. Who else agrees? :)

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As the portable skilling stations are primarily a Treasure Hunter reward, the Treasure Hunter Forum is the best place to suggest an additional type of portable.

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Summoning is already 15-20m XP/hr using blue charms at Amlodd clan at Prif during double XP weekend with bonus XP and Voice of Seren. It's even faster with a bank deposit box at Taverly (this method costs more though).

How much faster do you think it would be with a Summoning portable, where you don't need to sell and rebuy your secondaries like with the Taverly method? This suggestion is just ridiculous considering the XP rates already.
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