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So I logged in today and got super lucky, and rolled a DOUBLE PINK on the new treasure hunter promo! I got an off-hand chaotic rapier, but after backing it to my frustration there was only one sword ):. It'd be cool if could get the other rapier as well, but I understand if that's not technically, "allowed" based on how TH works... but could I get a roll on another pink or an XP star to replace it? It just kind of stinks to have the excitement of getting that double re-roll to only receiving one item. Now, don't get me wrong I'm stoked to have even gotten a pink! I'm just trying to state that if you somehow miraculously roll a double pink you at least get two rewards, yeah?

Thanks for reading!


Not sure if I'm allowed to post links but here's a screenshot of the reward :)

28-Sep-2018 09:31:57

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