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f a k e news

f a k e news

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Going for 99 construction with th with free keys. 90% of my construction xp is with th from free keys and with smouldering lamps coming up How much xp do you think I can get with free keys? Look deep down inside.

25-Apr-2018 17:41:31

SumOFab Itch

SumOFab Itch

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Winh said:
SumOFab Itch said:
I made this account with free keys - I only paid gp for the keys. Ty.
Jagex loves the money. Both profits.

Go complain in the f2p forums.

As the master f2p pelican that u are, why aren't u complaining about the 13 "real world trade advertises" whom are at the ge on every world?

Do u really want trade restrictions back? Because if jagex can't sell their very own product, I hope they bring trade restrictions version 2 - no trading at all. If jagex were my company im sure as hell not going to let "you/anyone" sell my product if im banned from selling it. For osrs too, cos in 2007, trade restrictions was created srs. And no f2p.
Hi, I'm Fab.

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You can do god statues once a month for free construction XP too. You could also do Troll Invasion once a month, and penguin spy hunting once a week and use the XP on any skill you have unlocked. Hi.

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