New Slayer Masks

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Nox Bow Down said:
Miu said:
Nox Bow Down said:
None of these monsters "REQUIRE SLAYER" ie. They are not slayer monsters. There is no slayer mask.


Green Dragons are assigned by Slayer Masters yet Green Dragons were around for many many years before slayer was even invented.

Green Dragons were not ever, and are not currently "Slayer Monsters".

"Slayer Monsters" require slayer levels to kill. None of the mentioned monsters in the original post require slayer, they are not slayer monsters - they are just monsters.

At least 6 of the 9 mask sets suggested contain slayer monsters, and all of them are assigned by slayer masters.

So you've backtracked from "none of these monsters require slayer" to just dragons. Hmm.
Look, I'm completely against adding more of these overpowered slayer masks to the game, but you should at least try making sense instead of arguing against it solely based on semantics.
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