No more TH Promo News updates?

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Hey guys,

Im wondering, did Jagex decide to not release TH promo news articles?
Because last year, the crystal capsules got announced with a news article.

Crystal Capsules
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12 September 2018

But it looks like as of the beginning of this year, Jagex stopped announcing TH promo's at the news page.

Can anyone confirm this?

09-Feb-2019 12:06:38

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Tophurious said:
i'm willing to bet that they stopped doing news articles for TH because the news feed from last year is cluttered with mtx updates and barely any meaningful updates.

There are even more SGS sales News this year - you got one every week, but that's only in the RSOF.

Jagex talked about TH promotions in vidoes together with other game updates now. Perhaps their marketing team found TH is more effective to be shown on vids. Different audience with different sizes and preferences. :)

09-Feb-2019 16:52:09

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