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Some people just don't realize Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nintendo, Sony have a lot of games they developed themselves and others they publish. They will all have to follow their own requirements too. However, whatever other games do that are not required by the platforms' own requirement mean completely nothing to them.

For instance, obviously Nintendo's own Dr. Mario World and Fire Emblem: Heroes etc are not required to show more than just the relatively rarity or odds of the items in the slots just like Runescape and every game else don't need to neither. :D

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Most APPs I think just tell you a general rate for things depends on how the app is set up.

I play a bit of Dr. Mario world and the rate for assistans is much higher than doctors, but if you say max lvl 5 a 'Goomba' then the odds get shifted arround as for you can nolonger win more goombas...

but the rates largely are the same (all docs are 1 rate, all assistants are slightly higher rate)

I haven't spent a cent, but have 2 doctors so far. (The free one I stared with, and one from staffing)

I really dought they'd be forced to disclose full odds like some apps are doing, it just seems like app stores require you to disclose some sort of odd.

I'd love to see what the odds for 200m and 'super rares' are though, if I ever win a purp in my case its usually a lucky chaotic... I'll run out eventually as for I only need maybe 3 more(?) and I play daily.

Side note: Wish they'd bring lucky bandos boots back.
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