Lifecycle of TH items

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Lifecycle of TH items


In keeping with more communication and experimentation mentioned in the recent Live Events Dev Blog, we want to implement the item lifecycle plans we mentioned in the next couple of weeks, and therefore, give you some more information, and get your input into what you’d like to see first.

So, we plan to create a cycle in which all content made available through Treasure Hunter or other hard currency events is made available through gameplay and eventually, free to everyone. As it stands, we currently have several years' worth of content that is either shelved, or no longer available that we're able to start using straight away.

To start with, we'll follow this format (though as this is the first time we’ve done this, we may refine it over time):

  • Item becomes available on Treasure Hunter

  • 1 year later, the item becomes available via another method (Time limited event, Solomon's Store etc.)

  • 1 year later the item is earnable in game (Thaler store, shards similar to Elite Skilling Outfits etc.)

  • And at some point after that, the items are made free to all through a simple claim

  • These timelines are approximates and may vary according to item/promotion.

    We want to retroactively make all previous content available as part of this system, starting with 10 items we want you to help us choose.

    With the above, we've put together a poll of the first set of items that we want to make free. On this straw poll are 20 different items, all of which we want you to vote on! Which of these items would you love to get your hands on ASAP?


    The top 10 winners of this poll will be made free and available in game in the coming weeks through the Oddments store. We're currently exploring the best ways to deliver these items to you, so any feedback or ideas on the use of the Oddments store or any other method is welcome.

    For now, get voting, and don't worry if your item doesn't make the initial cut - the others will be made available for free soon, along with a large slew of other items lost to the ages, and we will continue to discuss our plans for Live Events with you!


    Mod Sayln and the Live Events Team

    Update March 2019:
    In October 2018 we've let the players on Reddit know that this is no longer happening, I've now added it to this forum post as well. See the message below:

    "Sadly, this was a project started by Mod Sayln who has now left Jagex. It's something the live events have looked into pursuing, but due to various factors including the fact that much manual labour is required, as a result of how the system works, it is discontinued. The live events team believes the time could be spend better elsewhere."

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