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I don't think people should be this angry. The only complain I have is that there are so many promotions that is drives bond prices up like crazy. People are using them so fast, and they are going up so high due to how good promotions are lately.

I'm personally really bored of Runescape because there's nothing really left to do for a committed player. The only really good updates the past year half have been Telos, 3-5 quality of life updates, and I guess AoD? AoD lacks polish though so I don't find it that fun/hard of a boss.

I miss the old days of Runescape back in 2004-2005 era where there was always a big new quest, with a new area, or just new areas in general. There was always so much cool creative things but now a days it feels like when there's an update it's just a reskin of something else.

I hope you guys look back at the old days and see what made runescape successful. It didn't become popular because of it being an mmo, but because it was Runescape. It had things that no other game had. Look back and see what the Gower brothers did for Runescape and realize what made it special and popular.

EDIT: Also Jagex, as long as you keep your word on what you said with mtx, people won't leave your game. Just make 2018 the best year for Runescape and people will be hooked again. These people demanding a pound after you give them an ounce... you can't make them happy. They won't be happy until you get on your knees and beg for them to stay. Don't beg. Be strong, do what's right.
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