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An update to the actual nature of the Netherlands loot box "regulation" and its effect on apparently one of the 4 unnamed "violators" - MU Origin.

Upon further clarification from Webzen's official announcement. They actually did not have to, and are not going to, terminate service in Netherlands, and nowhere but Netherlands, after June 20, 2018. They are only going to pull the MU Origin apps out of App store in Netherlands, but players in that country can still download the game outside the app store in Netherlands and play as usual. Of course, it also means anything already installed on one's mobile device will not be affected whatsoever.

"Hello, warriors.

We are truly saddened to announce that we will discontinue service of MU Origin in the Netherlands from June 20th on.

Due to the recent decision of The Netherlands Gaming Authority against in-game loot boxes being imposed on June 20th, MU Origin will no longer be able to be searched or downloaded on the Netherlands' Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

However, We will continue providing the latest version of MU Origin through both App markets in all service regions beside the Netherlands, and MU Origin can still be downloaded and played.

Furthermore, it will be able to access and play the game regardless of the region if the latest version of MU Origin distributed by Webzen is installed on the device.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience which it may cause, and always thank you for playing.

Thank you for your understanding.
MU Origin"

So what can the Netherlands loot box regulations do to the gamers of the 4 unnmaed games based on that? Well, virtually nothing, as long as they are willing to download the games outside of the App and Google stores. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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