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Corporeal Beast - Discussion


As you may or may not have seen, Alfred and I have successfully managed to rebuild the Corporeal Beast from a 2012 archive of the game and then reverted stats, animations and effects to the 2008 launch era. We now have a fully functional, mapped and deadly boss ready to poll and launch. If you didn't know this and want to see screenshots, videos or get more news, I'll provide links to such at the bottom of the thread!

Whilst there is a lot of hype to once again be united with a pre-EoC Corp Beast, there are a few issues we need to iron out before we can release both to the poll module and the game.

How should we introduce it?

Corporeal Beast was originally introduced with Summer's End quest in 2008. We can't give you this quest again. We don't have an active build of the quest in our archive and the quest features numerous functions and requirements that Old School simply doesn't reach including the Summoning skill and a non-functioning Wilderness.

We'd like to know how you want to see it introduced and if there should be any prerequisite requirements. Some options include:-

  • Just upload a cave in the wilderness as before - do nothing else.
  • Quest Cape requirement.
  • Minimum quest point requirement (50+/100+/200+)
  • Combat level requirement (50+/60+/70+/80+/100+)

This is a one of the more trivial problems we need to resolve before launch, but important we find a solution soon! Please do give us feedback on this!

What should it drop?

This will make or break whether we see the Corporeal Beast introduced. We're aware that there is a minor expectation to see the original spirit shields (Spectral, Arcane, Elysian & Divine) return but we're also aware of a significant call for them to be nerfed or re-balanced beforehand. On top of this, we also have gaps in other armour slots that can be filled with new, best in slot, gear that the Beast can drop.

With drops, we're aware that whatever is dropped needs to be both rare, good looking and somewhat over powered. Last year, we introduced powerful offensive weaponry with the launch of God Wars. A year on, we can do the same again with defensive armours.

It's important to note that are some point, we do need to move forward with weapons and armours. We WILL NOT look to make a giant leap from our current best in slot gear every few months, instead gradually or even yearly introduce something new. Not implementing new armours will eventually bring us to a stalemate one day with everyone equipped in the best available gear - we do need to move on and slowly introduce newer, better weapons and armours at a pace you decide.

This is not a leap towards EoC or Pre-EoC over powered weaponry. We'll look to do this on your terms, at your pace.

We have a few options:-

  • Introduce Spirit Shields as rare drops - Change no stats or effects.
  • Introduce Spirit Shields as rare drops - Change stats and effects.
  • Introduce specific Spirit Shields.
  • Introduce new best in slot items - Headgear/Magic robes/Mid-high level crush weapon.

The feedback to this is crucial. Please do discuss your thoughts, feelings and ideas surrounding this.

Dan ~ Reach

If you've missed any of the Corporeal Beast hype, video's or livestreams then follow me on Twitter (@JagexReach), subscribe to the Old School YouTube channel or view the latest Dev Q&A streams on


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Firstly, thank you both Mod Reach and Mod Alfred for the amazing work you guys have put in to getting the corp beast up and running again in such a short amount of time. I've been keeping an eye on the Twitter pictures of the Corp Beast and they have been very interesting indeed. So thank you :). Now onto my ideas:

How should it be introduced.

I believe there should be a minimum combat level. I would say this needs to be atleast 90+ as the Corp Beast is such a high leveled monster. This would also prevent 'noobs' crashing people. The requirement of level 90+ Combat could also go with a 100+ Quest point requirement, just to solidify the fact that you need to have good knowledge of combat and or the game and to act as an extra step so noobs don't crash.

What should it drop.

One of the main things the corporeal beast should drop is a corporeal beast pet. You recently introduced pet bosses and I would imagine this shouldn't take alot of time for you too do but maybe it will. This could also go along with a dark core pet meaning the boss will drop two pets instead of just one. Another thing the corporeal beast could drop is a zamorak spear upgrade kit. This could take it from level 70 to 80 and it could maybe have a slight attack bonus against the corp. It would be called the "Corporeal spear".

Another drop could be pieces of "Corporeal armor". This armor could be modeled so that when all the pieces (Helm, Chestplate, Platelegs, Boots, gloves and cape) are worn you could look a little like the corp beast itself. This could prove quite a fun task for mod Alfred.

And finally, and perhaps the most rarest drop, could be a damage buff against the Corp beast. This could prove useful to people who will corp alot of the time. The buff would only be slight though (Maybe 5-15% buff).

Iced Earth \m/
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I think a 200 QP requirement would be fair, as originally Corp required two medium-high level quests to complete. Since we don't have these quests in OSRS, a high QP requirement would suffice.

I'd prefer the original spirit shields, anything worse won't be valuable enough to make the boss worth camping.

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Anyway; the corp should be introduced with high-level requirements, such as:
100+combat and 200 quest points. Maybe even higher requirements.
Maybe you should unlock it through the Slayer Point system, and make it a level 90+ Slayer Monster?

As for drops; I think you should change the stats and effects of the spirit shields, as they were amazingly OP.
I would like some new boots, gloves and maybe a new cape in-game.

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Honestly i would not like this implemented at all, due to the fact they will probably end up being over powered.

That's fair enough. Corporeal Beast and it's drops are still subject to a poll at the end of the day. This is why it's important we debate what it drops and how good they are.

We have plenty of time to get it right.

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Will the Corp have the same features, weakness, attacks, etc with this update? Or will it be able to have multiple weakness and won't be one sided with everyone using a melee spear to kill it? Will new forms of attack be introduced to spice things up.

25-Jul-2014 09:17:33

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