Dev Blog: Poll #26 Revisited

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Dev Blog: Poll #26 Revisited

Change log

  • The Ahrim's set effect now offers a 1/4 chance of a hit dealing 30% increased damage.
  • The Torag's set effect no longer increases attack speed and, instead, boosts defence based on how much health has been lost.
  • The Ahrim's set effect now also includes the ability to autocast Ancient Magicks when the Amulet of the Damned is equipped
  • The Verac's set effect has been changed to provide additional prayer bonus instead of bonus prayer points. This will prevent players using the set to AFK train with protection prayers enabled.
  • The F2P item releases have been removed (teleblock being released to F2P will remain on the poll)
  • An additional question, "Should the sinister chest give herbs in noted form?", has been added to "Other Questions"

Amulet of the Damned

Alongside the polling of the God Wars dungeon back September 2013 we offered an item called the Amulet of the Damned. The purpose of the amulet was to give a small buff to the barrows armours. During the poll this amulet was reasonably well received, however it did not hit the 75% threshold.

We have still found many members of the community asking for a rejuvenation of the barrows sets. We have re-thought the Amulet of the Damned, giving it a major re-work, and would like to offer the new version with content poll #26.

We would like the Amulet of the Damned to come from the chests behind silver doors below Mort'ton. This gives players a little more incentive to take part in the Shades of Mort'ton activity and certainly suits the idea that the amulet will be used in conjunction with barrows armours.

The Amulet of the Damned, when worn with a full barrows set, would give the armours the following additional effects:

When the wearer is attacked, they have a 1/4 chance that 15% of the damage rebounds on their opponent. This does not reduce the damage taken by the wearer. Keep in mind that this would only take effect when the Dharoks axe is equipped and so would not be a persistent effect in most PvP circumstances.

When the wearer is attacking their target, they have a 1/4 chance of dealing two damage splats. The second damage splat would be half the damage of the first. In PvP, where Karil's set already has a 1/4 chance of reducing the target's Agility level, both of these effects would happen at the same time.

When the full set of Ahrims and Amulet of the Damned are equipped, the Ahrims staff would be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition to this effect, when the wearer is attacking their target with autocast spells, they have a 1/4 chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. Ahrim's set already has a 1/4 chance of reducing the target's Strength level by 5; both of these effects would happen at the same time.

The existing healing effect would be capable of raising your health to 10 above your base Hitpoints level.

For every hitpoint lost you gain increased defence (similar to the Dharok set effect). The bonus would be invisible but would certainly be noticeable.

When a full set of Verac's and the Amulet of the Damned are equipped the wearer receives an additional +7 prayer bonus.

While worn in combat, the amulet would degrade at the same rate that Barrows items do, and would crumble to dust when worn out or dropped on death. The pristine version of the amulet would be tradeable; once it is degraded, it would be untradeable.

Although the amulet could not be repaired by characters such as Bob, it would be possible to use two degraded amulets on each other to "decant" the remaining health of one amulet into the other one, rather like pouring water between two watering cans.

Question: Should we introduce the Amulet of the Damned, an amulet that, when worn with any full barrows set, improves the effect of the barrows set worn? This amulet would come from the chest behind the silver door underneath Mort'ton and would degrade at the same rate as barrows armour, eventually crumbling to dust.

Dark core pet

With the upcoming release of the Corporeal Beast, one of the most frequent questions we have been seeing is "is there going to be a pet?!"

The answer is up to you. We are going to be offering the possibility of receiving a Dark core pet from the Corporeal Beast as a mega-rare drop.

For those of you unfamiliar with the mechanics of Corporeal Beast, the Dark core hops out of the Corporeal Beast's chest and causes havoc throughout your battle with the monster, persistently dealing you damage unless dealt with. It is small, cool-looking and is an iconic part of killing Corp. We felt that it was incredibly fitting for a pet and hope that you agree.

Question: Should the forthcoming Corporeal Beast drop a pet version of its dark core? Like other boss pets, this would be an additional drop, and would not replace any other items.

'Clan Wars Classic' arena

Before Mod Alfred parted ways with the Old School team he spent some time re-creating the 'Clan Wars Classic' arena. Many of you will remember this as the "original" Clan Wars map from RuneScape 3.

We have the map available to us and it is something that a fair few players have said they are interested in. We will be offering the release of the Clan Wars Classic map for Old School Clan Wars with poll #26.

Question: Mod Alfred reconstructed the 'Clan Wars Classic' arena for Clan Wars. Shall we release this as an additional arena? It would be available on F2P worlds too.

Other Questions

Question: Should players on F2P worlds be able to use the Teleblock spell?
Question: Should the sinister chest give herbs in noted form?
Question: Mod Alfred, before he left us, made an anim for a 'tip fedora' emote. Shall we release it?
Question: Should it be possible to split all potions from 4-dose to 2 x 2-dose, and from 2-dose to 2 x 1-dose, and from 3-dose to 2-dose + 1-dose?
Question: Should we add some gargoyles to Nieve's cave?
Question: If gargoyles are added to Nieve's cave, should it be permitted to use cannons near them?
Question: Should the Humidify spell work on saplings in your inventory?
Question: Should players be unable to use the Ancient teleport tablets within 15 minutes of having logged out of a F2P world? They have been used by F2P clan members in order to return to clan wars incredibly quickly, creating a large imbalance in F2P warring. This restriction would not limit players in day-to-day use of the teleports but would solve this problem for F2P clan wars.
Question: Should we add a bag that holds the materials for repairing the Flamtaer Temple at Mort'ton? This would allow players to carry 60 timber beams, 60 limestone bricks and 500 swamp paste within one inventory slot. The bag would be found in the chests behind steel, black and silver doors below Mort'ton; players could have only one bag at a time.

Mods Ash, Ghost, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan & Weath
The Old School Team


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I hope this passes for the sake of increasing the Barrows Mini-game reward value as well as giving some life to Shades.

I just wish more would be done with Guthan, but +10 is definitely better than +5.
Let the +10 stack with Saradomin brews.
Everything stated here is forwarded from a major corporation. Nothing here is my opinion. Enjoy your salad.

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