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Nephalem said:
Also thanks a lot Ash for the bank pin update, so much more fluid. Holy cow! good job

Thank you - I hope you all like it :)

Warrior said:
Oh btw Ash, do ironmen get a chat icon? ;)

No. Chat icons do not appear popular with the OSRS community, so we left it out.

13-Oct-2014 11:59:11

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ModáAsh said:
IáamáPat said:
I assume Ironman accounts won't be able to buy items that are not normally sold by npc shops (items other players sold to general stores). Will ultimate ironman be able to sell and buy an item back from general shops to unnote them?

Iron Men cannot buy items from a shop that a player has sold to that shop... even if that player was the Iron Man themselves. Sorry.

Could it be possible to make it so ultimate ironman have a way to unnote items in a future update?

13-Oct-2014 11:59:53



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I can't understand this Ironmode.

You can't pick up stuff if 1 guy hits a 1. So imagine ur doing solo Bandos. Other guy hits him, ur screwed.

If it was me I'll rage 24/7. Not good for my health tbh.

13-Oct-2014 12:00:21

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