Corporeal Beast Changes

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Corporeal Beast Changes

The Corporeal Beast has certainly made an impact since it came out yesterday. We have seen over 28,000 Corps killed and 50 sigils appear. This is a fantastic first day for the most difficult Old School boss. We have been listening to your feedback over the last 24 hours and there have been a lot of you concerned about the amount of looters in Corp’s cave. When Corp heals it looks at the amount of players in the cave and decides how much it should heal. Obviously, if there are loads of looters who are not trying to kill Corp it makes defeating this beast much more difficult – this isn’t fair. Therefore we have made a change to how death works in the Corp’s cave. When you die in the cave your loot (including your untradables) will not appear to anyone else, however it will appear to you for two minutes. We have timed the amount of time it takes to return to Corp to collect your items and assuming you have a games necklace you should be able to return in under a minute. However, if you haven’t a games necklace you are going to be unlikely to get back in time. Additionally we are adding a level 90 combat requirement to go through the passage to fight Corp.

It is also important that we address the network issues we have been having recently. The system administration team are working hard to identify and mitigate the attacks on our network while work continues to identify those who are responsible. We hope that the changes we’ve mentioned above will help to ease the impact of this too. We know you have experienced a number of connection issues over the last few months and we have been upgrading our systems to counteract the issues that you face. We will continue to do this while work continues on more long term solutions. Resolving issues like this is something which takes time but we are fully focused on providing you with the best gaming experience possible.

These changes are temporary to resolve the immediate issues you have raised with us and over the next week we will be tweaking this to make it right for you.

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17-Oct-2014 15:17:17

Spare Formud
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Spare Formud

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I really love what you're doing with this, but I have one question... What happens if your internet dcs or you cant get back into the game because of server ddosing, it's not going to be possible to have a friend pick up your loots, then? I've had 2 situations where I've had to have clan mates go and get my dhides and things I lost on death because I was not able to log back on, and I'm worried to go if no one can pick up my stuff now.

17-Oct-2014 15:22:14



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yesterday I sent an email to the oldschool customer support email about whos ddosing the worlds and how theyre avoiding to get caught, I hope you read it and reply back to me incase you need more information, thanks.

17-Oct-2014 15:23:20

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