Instanced Corp & Packs

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Instanced Corp & Packs

This week's update is here and it has brought along some interesting additions to Old School. You and your clan can now rent out your own, private Corporeal Beast, several new item packs are now available from shops found around the game and lots more.


Instanced Corporeal Beast

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Item Packs

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Graphical reworks

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In other news... 

  • Nulodion will now return your cannon if someone else has one setup on the same tile where yours decayed.
  • Coal and gem bags now have an 'empty' option when you have the bank interface open.
  • Teleporting to a target in an agility obstacle no longer places you inside the obstacle.

Today at 5pm GMT over on the RuneScape Twitch Mod Ash will be showing off the trading post during the developer Q&A livestream. Make sure to tune in to catch a glimpse of one of the biggest updates ever to come to Old School!

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The Old School Team


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Niceee, the Graphical reworks is the big thing this week :D

1. Corporeal Beast instances isn't needed considering Corp died down quite quickly.

2. Splashing and afk Nmz is way toooo OP, eventhough I do use both, it's a gamebreaker.

3. Trading post is like an ingame Zybez, but then you actually have to leave your spot to put an offer up wich, if you care, is extremely inefficient.

Just sharing my opinion on a couple tiny things, not hating :).

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Lol, that instance thing is overpriced and abusable, and the actual ACB needs a rework too, tired of running around with a recolored hunter xbow.

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first page :D


Can't wait for trading posts, Thanks for trying to make things more convenient.
Also thanks for answering about f2p, even though everyday I still see people addressing it :p.

Also, Don't kill splashing please, still need 94 mage.

Another edit, I've seen it been asked a few times about buying back unbanned accounts, I just wanna be living evidence, And I'll leave it at that ;). The proper people who need more info can investigate my account :D.

:Final edit: Splashing is good for several reasons, I'll keep it to two to keep it short and sweet.

1. Removes GP from economy due to trading runes to xp.
2. Is literally, quite literally 11k xp per hour with fire strike, and any other method your spending a hefty, and I mean hefty amount of gold to get any other decent xp, and again that filters in with what I said above. The only people crying about splashing are the ones not taking advantage of it, and thinking that the spiders in lumbridge are the only things you can splash and not die from ;).

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NAG007 said:
Why Can't the Temple Guardian in Priest in Peril be cannon'*?

Whenever we've polled updates that would explicitly make a quest's combat easier or more pure-friendly, it's not gone well.

20-Nov-2014 10:42:43

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