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Achievement Diaries: Rewards

We recently polled an enormous expansion to achievement diaries, offering 10 brand new, easy to elite diaries and an additional elite section to the existing Karamja diary. It passed with flying colours and is planned for release early next year.

The next stage in the development of achievement diaries is deciding upon some appropriate rewards. This developer blog will be running through the rewards we currently have planned, looking for feedback from you to make sure they are fit for Old School and approved by the community.

After gathering feedback from this developer blog we will be making a followup developer blog next week going over what changes have been made.


Rewards across all diaries

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Ardougne diary rewards

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Falador diary rewards

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Fremennik diary rewards

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Kandarin diary rewards

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Karamja diary rewards (elite only)

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Kharidian Desert diary rewards

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Lumbridge & Draynor diary rewards

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Morytania diary rewards

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Varrock diary rewards

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Western Provinces diary rewards

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Wilderness diary rewards

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Rip 99 all stats haha, time to get them again :D

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Diarys Hype! and plox bring us some exp lamps :)

• Dagannoth bones will be dropped as notes

This used to be on fremenik elite task reward not fremenik hard task reward

Maxed on OSRS

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Wow really looking forward to the achievement diaries coming out! :D
Gonna try be one of the first to all diaries done :)


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Quotes :
-Anyways, the 20% bonus XP isn't really 20% more XP. It's probably closer to ~12.5%, since only some of your XP comes from mining the paydirt, the rest comes from washing. It's a big chunk, but who knows what the requirements are - not everyone will have access to it though, for sure. (I assume part of the MLM requirement will be to collect a Rune ore from MLM)

The MLM XP rate at 99, full attention, seems to be around ~43K/hour. It may go up to ~48.3K Xp/Hour. It's more than before, but it's nothing for everyone to lose their minds over.

-Could you also give elite ardy cloak +8stab instead of +6stab, apprently firecape is still better dps at corporeal beast.

-Gotta remember guys - the rewards are good, yeah, but it's not like everyone will beable to access them, and those who will beable to might not play the game the way you do - people who get K gloves 4 will need 91 rc, why would they camp the red dragons for noted hides when they can rc nats for 1m / hr?
To unlock the noted dbones in wildy you will probably have high stats in general and probably have better ways to make money than killing dragons anyway.

Example : If it takes 250 hours (probably the average) to get all the skill reqs for all the tasks of a specific location, you have to think what they could have done with those 250 hours.
If you train cooking for 250 hours with wines, that's 100m xp, or 50m xp with sharks. So 100m xp or an achievement diary.
Another example : If you train RC for 250 hours (past 91) you would get 5.5m-6m xp and make around 260m. So you could pretty much do 91-98RC (with 260m profit) in the time it takes to get the stats for an elite diary.
Look at things from a different point of view and you realise it's not all that OP.
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