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im under the impression people who have elite reqs for fremenik wont really need the new spells, on the other hand noted dk bones are a very very good reward and i feel like they should be swapped petscape is bestscape

28-Nov-2014 19:08:33



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What I assume the requirements will be (some confirmed, some not) :
99 in any skill
70 prayer
91 runecrafting
90 agility
90 herblore
91 thief (85 will also be one, for elf lands)
84 craft
85 fletch
90 slayer
73 hunter
85 mining
90 smithing
96 fishing
90 cooking
75 firmaking
75 woodcutting
68-83 farming
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mod ronan, please explain the wildy sword 4. we've never seen it, so what does it exactly do?

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ModáRonan said:

A large majority of players will never come close to completing more than one elite diary. For you, yes, perhaps it will be a touch easier as you have already achieved the stats, but for a player that starts out at ~1000 total and works their back-side off to unlock all of these rewards it is not a simple task.

I still don't want the rewards to be this overwhelmingly overpowered. Even some of the medium or easy ones totally throw the current Karamja ones in the dumpster.

Look at the current Karamja rewards, please. They got nothing on these.

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