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Not One said:
"It would not replace the original, manual trade system, it would exist alongside it."
Although it may seem obvious, this statement is why the GE seems like the right path. It means that people who like the GE, they are allowed to trade over it. And the people who don't like the GE, they are too allowed to not trade over it.
I personally like the idea of the GE due to; a possible increase of players, better known prices of items and one that really hits home for me and many other players, its just about impossible to be scammed over the GE.
I liked the nostalgic feel of OSRS but its time for a change. This is more than a game I used to play 7 or 8 years ago, it's a game I play today and I want it to evolve into something bigger. I know a few people won't agree with me but all I can say is I hope the community votes this change through and who knows, maybe if things don't work out if it does pass, it could be removed again anyway.
Happy scaping friends.

This is hilarious.

How do you expect to not use the GE if people everyone trades over GE?

09-Jan-2015 22:43:48



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NZ Sheeps said:
With the trading post (if the GE fails), I'd like to see an additional question:

Should a players Private Chat be forced to 'All' when placing a sell off in the trading post.

I feel a lot of the problems with players who place an offer and leave their chat on private is more due to oversight than a conscious decision.

Ya, there are lots of troll offers trying to get people to sell lower than market price.

09-Jan-2015 23:04:27

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