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why not just let people send and accept trades through the trading post, wrather than implementing a centralized pricing mechanism for everything in the game, it will destroy the price of everything like it did in EoC, and since ur going to implement it anyways atleast put it in fally why the hell should it be the exact same thing as whats in eoc/rs3 and why in the same place? Oldschool rs is about having original idea's like all the new bosses have been designed only for oldschool and the wildy r*juv only for oldschool totally unique stuff why copy a failure of a market that rs3 has?

30-Jan-2015 05:30:00



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To all of you people hating on the ge...I just dont see your point. The only reason ithink the ge was a bad thing when it came out was because free trade went away and therewere trade limits. This time around they arent forcing a set price or giving you a limit of what you can buy things and sell things for... this ge is the same thing asthe zybez osrs exchange without the bs of waiting 10 hours to sell a dam clue reward. Almost everyone uses the osrs exchange now so whats the difference... you people should leave the game tbh because your to stupid to realize that without a ge we made our own thats 10x harder to use than the real ge... btw this was written on my xbox due to my computer getting fixed so sorry for the mistakes and run-on sentences

30-Jan-2015 05:59:28

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going to quit old school if GE is reintroduce period. I am sure many of you will agree, we didn't need GE back in 2013 and we sure don't need it now if i want GE i might as well go back to play EOC or rs3. if you guys are okay with losing 1/4 or 1/2 of the community PERMANENTLY because of GE then be my guess.

and yes to coin share and dragon defender and everything else whatever they mention in this thread

30-Jan-2015 11:14:01



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Some people have to work or study and only got few hours a week to enjoy this game,they don't have all day like you do to buy/sell stuff to pk or go pvm.
If i have to lose 1/4 or 1/2 i accept.

31-Jan-2015 15:13:11

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