Dev Blog: The G.E. Part 2

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Dev Blog: The Grand Exchange Part 2

In the poll planned for next week we are going to be offering the full Grand Exchange along with some additional quality of life questions. In this developer blog we will be going over the Grand Exchange system itself, and also some potential alternative systems that we could offer if the Grand Exchange doesn't pass.


The Grand Exchange

For an overview of how the Grand Exchange works click here.

After putting out the previous Grand Exchange developer blog on Friday we received a lot of feedback on how the community feel the Grand Exchange should be implemented. Specifics such as the location of the Grand Exchange came up frequently. We wanted to address this feedback and go into a little more detail on the fall-back options in this blog.

Grand Exchange tweaks

Many players have pitched us ideas for how the Grand Exchange could work differently in Old School to how it is in RS3. Particularly popular ideas included placing it in Falador rather than Varrock, or making it available in all banks via the existing Trading Post scenery. We plan to address these smaller changes in a poll next week if the Grand Exchange passes.

In this poll we are simply offering the Grand Exchange as it was. If the Grand Exchange passes the poll, those smaller issues will be polled and, if they pass, the G.E. will be tweaked to reflect this before the initial release.

As it stands an overwhelming majority of Old School players will be familiar with how a Grand Exchange works, so if we introduce a modified version at this stage, there would be unnecessary confusion about exactly people are voting to accept. By holding back all the tweaks until a later poll, we hope the community will be completely clear about what is being offered now.


Trading post fall-back features

In the case that the Grand Exchange does not pass, the trading post would remain in game and we would poll several new potential features for it.

Directly trading through the trading post

The first feature we will be offering is the ability to purchase items through the trading post. The process of purchasing an item through the trading post would be:

Buying items through the trading post

    1. Find an offer you like the look of from a player on the same world as you.
    2. Right-click the offer and select 'Purchase'.
    3. Select a quantity.
    4. Confirm the offer, receiving your items and sending the coins to the seller.

Selling items through the trading post

The process of offering an item on the trading post would remain unchanged. If a player chooses to buy your item, you would receive a notification telling you to collect the coins from your nearest bank.

You would not need to be in a bank or at a trading post in order for your items to be sold. You would, however, need your private chat to be set to 'On' in order for players to be able to purchase your items.

If this system is implemented, we would make the Trading Post hide offers from players who have their private chat set to 'Friends' or 'Off'. It already removes offers from players who are offline.

'Join' option to hop to a seller's world

While this system still requires you to be on the same world as the seller, we will also be offering a 'Join' feature that would allow you to right-click an offer, select 'Join' and be quickly hopped over to the same world as the seller.

This 'Join' option would also be added to Friends lists and chat-channel lists if introduced. This feature could be polled as a separate update if the Grand Exchange passes.

Opening the trade interface through the trading post

If trading items directly through the trading post were to fail, we will offer the ability to open the trade interface with players by clicking their offers in the Trading Post list.

This would allow you to carry out a normal player-to-player trade without having to meet up, although you would both have to be in a bank area on the same world.


Warriors' guild basement & dragon defender

For some time the question of the dragon defender has been coming up. The Old School community have made it clear that the only place it can come from is the Warriors' guild and so we would like to offer a small expansion to the Warriors' guild.

We would like to add a basement to the guild that can be accessed by showing Kamfreena a rune defender and receiving a key. The basement would contain large cyclops, a slightly more challenging version of the cyclops that has a chance of dropping dragon defenders.

The dragon defender would come with the following stats:

    Stab attack: +25
    Slash attack: +24
    Crush attack: +23
    Magic attack: -3
    Range attack: -2

    Stab defence: +25
    Slash defence: +24
    Crush defence: +23
    Magic defence: -3
    Range defence: -2

    Strength bonus: +6

Players that do not have the defence requirement for the dragon defender would still be able to use the existing cyclops to get multiple rune defenders.

Question: Should we add a basement to the Warriors' guild containing a bigger cyclops that has a chance of dropping dragon defenders? To access the basement you would need to show Kamfreena a rune defender to get a key. You would still need to pay the same token fee as you pay to access the cyclops on the top floor.


Other questions

Question: Should we increase the number of available bank slots for both free-to-play and members by 200?

Question: Should we remove the 'Harpoon' option on the fishing spots found in Piscatoris?

Question: Should we make messages from players that you add to your ignore list disappear?

Question: Should saplings of tradeable seeds be made tradeable?

Question: Should we allow Ava's devices to retrieve ammo regardless of where it landed? Currently they cannot collect ammo from anywhere you cannot directly walk to.

Question: Should filtering public chat also filter chat seen over other players' heads?

Question: Should we append the names of the Recipe for Disaster gloves to include the level they represent? For example, rune gloves.

Question: Should we adjust the inventory appearance of maple logs and staffs to prevent them being confused with yew logs and battlestaffs in trade screens?

Question: Should we remove the unnecessary dialogue when entering or leaving Sophanem for those who are allowed to use the gate?

Question: Should we change Trouble Brewing to only require 1 player on each crew to start a game?

Question: Should we add a right-click option to slayer masters to get an assignment?

Question: Should we open the north side of Varrock west bank to provide access to the agility shortcut?

Question: Should we add NPCs that unnote items for 5gp per item near certain general stores? These NPCs would be for the use of ultimate iron men as, although other players could then un-note their items without risk of other players taking them. 1 NPCs would be added to the Karamja general store, Rimmington, Pollnivneach and the Bandit camp.

Question: Should a deposit-all button be added to bank deposit boxes?

Question: Should we add a timer to the fight cave to tell you how long it took you to get from wave 1 to killing TzTok-Jad?

Question: Should we add a fee of 50k to the priestess who collects your dropped items at Zulrah? She will also be made to show what items of yours she is holding and offer you the chance to discard them if you do not want to pay.

We need your feedback

Let us know exactly how you feel about the proposed changes. Your feedback is always vital when it comes to Old School updates so don't hold back.

Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan, Weath
The Old School Team


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Edit: I feel you could do something more interesting with the dragon defender in the basement, seems a bit too plain atm. Don't have any specific ideas before you ask, lol.

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Is it impossible to have trading cross world via the trading post? I know this hassle would be reduced to minimum via the 'join world' button, but having it cross world - even if it opens up the trade interface - could make it quite a bit more user friendly.

Also, is it simple enough to add the timer to all bosses killed solo? It seems to have gone down pretty well with Zulrah and with the potential of having high scores for it that's pretty exciting. Perhaps you could use a mechanic similar to see if an ironman gets the drop from a monster to determine whether it's a solo kill or not.

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