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Fally Elite reward of boosted MLM ores is either broken or just not working. It actually decreased the xp/h and gp/h as well as amount of high level ores significantly.



25-Mar-2015 00:27:25

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How do you know that it decreases the ore/xp per hour? Did you measure it? Maybe it's an anomaly.
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26-Mar-2015 01:17:25

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Hello i was wondering if i can get some help with the Hard wilderness diary where you have to kill the DemiBosses in one go i killed all 3 starting with Crazy Arc. got me to stage 1 then Chaos Fanatic. got me to stage 2 and When i killed Scorpia it went back to stage 1. i did it 3 times and i didnt log out nor switched works and didnt leave the wilderness please help or fix. I have all easy and meduim task done

23-Mar-2016 00:13:03

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