Crystal Halberd Special & More

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Crystal Halberd Special & More

This week in Old School we've got a nice batch of quality of life updates including a special attack for the crystal halberd, a left-click 'Smith' option on anvils and a small buff to the Bandos godsword special attack. Let's get straight into the details.


Crystal halberd special attack

The crystal halberd, a reward from the hard Western Provinces achievement diary, has now been given a special attack. It has inherited the special attack of the dragon halberd. This special attack consumes 30% special attack energy, hitting enemies larger than 1x1 twice and hitting enemies beside the target.

The addition of this special attack makes the crystal halberd a weapon worthy of its difficulty to attain. Head over to the elder gnome child and get to work on the Western Provinces diaries if you want to get your hands on this, now fittingly strong, weapon.


Alchemy & Drop warnings now use Grand Exchange prices

Warnings when trying to drop items or use high alchemy on valuable items will now appear based on the Grand Exchange value of items rather than the alchemy value. We hope that this will provide more accurate warnings.


Bandos godsword special attack tweak

The Bandos godsword special attack inflicts 21% more damage and drains the opponent's combat stats based on the damage dealt. To give it a small buff, we have reduced the cost of the special attack from 100% to 65%.

The Bandos godsword is useful for killing a number of bosses and this small buff should make it as valuable as a weapon with the name "godsword" should be.


Left-click 'Smith' option on anvils

Blacksmiths of RuneScape, the day has come. No more worrying about the fiddly use of bars on anvils, the left-click 'Smith' option is here!


Fairy rings without a staff

We've added an additional reward to the elite Lumbridge & Draynor achievement diary. Those of you that have been hard at work and have completed it can now use fairy rings without equipping a staff. Those of you that regularly use fairy rings and have completed the diary no longer have to worry about unexpected return trips to the bank after you're all set up.

In other news...

    • The Motherlode Mine's ladder has had its click-zone changed to help players click the correct end of it.
    • Oziach has stocked up on anti-dragon shields and is now selling them in his shop.
    • Players that have completed the medium Falador achievement diary now have an increased chance of receiving clue scrolls from Falador guards.
    • Allotment farmers should once again be able to sell you farming supplies if you’ve completed Garden of Tranquillity.
    • A 'buy' button has been added to the Membership Bonds interface to help players find their way to the correct page.

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Mini Finbarr

Mini Finbarr

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I'm looking forward to trying out the Crystal halberd special.

The newspost mentions Mod Reach as part of the OSRS team still, you may want to amend that.

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crystal hally <3

Btw, bit awkward that Reach's name is at the bottom of the post :x
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nice update guys but quick question can we change the way barrows is and remove the npc's attacking when u try to do the puzzle:D

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Mini Finbarr said:
I'm looking forward to trying out the Crystal halberd special.

On the subject of that, the crystal halberd is not effective on the Corp.
I've had some players ask me to change that, and others saying they don't want it done.

I imagine a poll will settle it, but I'd be interested to see opinions here too.

EDIT: To me it seems logical that it should do what other halberds do, but I'm open to being told different.

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