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Mod ronan, something I have been very concerned with lately is botting nature runes in the abyss. I've noticed a huge increase in runecrafting botters lately (since nats just rose in price). Botting is always my biggest concern for rs, as I feel like it ruins the game for myself and other actual players.

I've noticed that most of the rc bots are around 45-50 cb lvl, and usually wearing addy armour, and another distinguishing feature, is if you right click report them in the wildy, they always tele right afterwards, prob since they were targeted. could you guys please take a look at this and start banning all these bots?

Thank you.

28-Feb-2016 15:17:22



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No offense, and I know it's kind of a joke at first and may seem harmless lul i ddos'd someone, but ON GOING, read; years, of ddos'ing against a CORPORATION, that's right, not some dudebro training slayer, but a legitimate COMPANY, who relies on stable servers to generate income for honest-hardworking employees, at least more honest and hard-working than Terrence and his DDOS'ing friends, could lead to actual Cease-and-Desist's being sent-out, right? Failing to concede could result in the courts getting involved and Jail-Time?

I just don't think "lol banned ya" is going to work against individuals such as this.

15-Aug-2016 09:34:21



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MOD MAT, i got something about rs justice websites as some players rule those websites they aren't mods just a normal players . first of all do they have right to post runescape players names on those websites , do realy all those names been bosted are scammers . while we got to report to JAGEX once find someone breaking rules so what need for those websites . so confused,

one more point and that what made me write about this .i have noticed by friends that if want remove someone name from those websites to come not as a scammer he/she need to pay fees, some said 10mils gp some 25mils gp otherwise people will keep looking at names as scammers. hupfully something be done about that .


23-Aug-2016 21:52:02

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